Broken Promises Sculpture DetailAWARDS AND EXHIBITIONS:

2006-2008 “Loveland National Sculpture Invitational” Loveland, Colorado

1998 “One Man Show” – Disney Hotel Orlando, Florida

1996 “International Wildlife Sculpture Walking Tour Cypress Gardens, Florida

1992 “Barbourville Fine Art Festival”- Best of Show Barbourville, Florida

1992 “Deland Art Festival”- Best of Show Deland, Florida

1991 “Palm Beach Fine Art Festival” – Best of Show Palm Beach, Florida


1989 “Golden Moment” – Life Size-Deland Library Deland, Florida

1989 “Golden Moment” – 50 Bronze Limited Edition Deland, Florida

1990 “500th Anniversary-Columbus’s Discovery of America “ Orlando, Florida

1991 “Under My Protection”- Blue Springs State Park Orange City, Florida

1994-1996 “The Bronze Collection” Benefit to the Museum Deland, Florida

1994 “I Give My Life” Vietnam Memorial Orlando, Florida

2006 “Whitney and Friends” Whitney Benefits Sheridan, Wyoming


1997 “Under My Protection”—Life Size—Sea World California

1990 “Mother’s Loves” Blue Spring Manatee Festival Orange City, Florida

1993 South Trust Bank Orange City, Florida

1996 “Gentle Giants” Cypress Garden, Florida

1997 “Dolphin”—Life Size—Sun Treasures Inc. St. Augustine, Florida

1997 “Virgin Mary”—Life Size—Dr. Marcelor Anallas St. Augustine, Florida

1998 “Play With Me” Prudential Insurance Deland, Florida

2001 “Queen of the Sea”—Life Size—Villa Gallery Deland, Florida

2002 “Queen of the Sea” Envasie Hotel Puerto Rico

2002 “Morning Dolphins” Marques Resident Puerto Rico


2001 May “Master of the Art” The Seminole Herald

2001 June “For Art’s Sake” The News Journal

2004 July ”Transcending Time” Art World News

2006 February “Greece in the Past and Present” National Geographic

2006 July “A Day at the Beach” Wild Life Art